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It just isn't worth this.

August 13, 2012
By aawkwaard_ GOLD, Grand Junction, Colorado
aawkwaard_ GOLD, Grand Junction, Colorado
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monsters don't live under our beds; they live inside our heads.

We are just another old, dumb couple getting back together. Wasn't anything new. We laughed, smiled, fought, made up. Just the same ole' same ole'. "Lets go to the Carnival?" you said. So after school, we head over to your house, hang out, listen to music, tease each other, fall right back in love after each look. Time to go to the carnival but if I could, I would redo that WHOLE night. People saying this and people saying that. They tried so hard to get underneath our skins and it worked. We almost broke up that night. I tried so hard not to cry, to show you I was finally strong, not willing to put up with it anymore. To show you I could do it with or without you. We fought a lot that night, but finally, I was fed up and just went to sleep. The next day you text me. I text back, knowing something was wrong, you ask me. I tell you, then fight number two starts back up. Yay. I go back to your house to talk it out. I get there and you act as if it were nothing. So, we go back to the carnival for round two. That night, so much went on. That night, I broke up with you. That night, you cheated on me and I didn't find out till two months later. You lied about it and then said she was lying. You gave such good description, I ended up shaking. Not knowing who to believe. The stranger or the kid I love. Knowing I wasn't good enough kills me. Especially since it was you. I trusted you. Now you say "Behind every player is a broken heart and that I was that broken heart." You say I'm the reason you can't love anyone anymore. What I say is you are the reason trust isn't in my vocabulary, the reason my mascara runs down my face, the reason my pillow has soaked up 1,000 tears. you're the reason I feel not good enough for ANY guy. It takes two to cheat.

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