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Made Of

July 10, 2012
By HiddenAngelInTheDark PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
HiddenAngelInTheDark PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Theres so many that I can't pick sorry

 What makes a boy?
What makes a girl?

Is it the pelvis inside of their pants?
Or the lack of air between their legs

I wear the clothes I want
Because that is what makes me happy

Although I keep hearing: Oh but you’re so pretty! What a pretty girl you are! So beautiful sweetheart!

I block out what they say about me because it doesn't matter

It's not suppose to

 I want to belong
To fit in with the rest
But I have a path that is different among the rest

I wear a tight painful breath taker compression vest, just to hide those lumps that aren’t suppose to be there

If I could I would get rid of them permanently 
If I could I would show my pride

Though I can’t do that
I simply do not have the guts to do so

Day in and day out, it’s always the same
It's not enough, it's never enough

This is a nightmare that I cannot wake up from
Nor will it ever end

Until I am able to wake up in a skin that I am comfy within

The author's comments:
This is written from my view of how I feel everyone sees me, they know how I feel but they can't see past physical appearance sadly

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