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June 8, 2012
By TMarie42 SILVER, Orland, California
TMarie42 SILVER, Orland, California
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Pulvis et umbra sumus.

I reminisce
His ashes in the box
I carry with me

The Eiffel Tower
Dangles from my neck
I touch its soft weight
With gnarled fingertips
An anniversary present
From long ago

His adventurous dreams
Wrapped in one gift
I sincerely promised,
“We’ll go there someday.”

Days and months and years
Went by so quickly
Children were born
Jobs were lost
Retirement brought little money
Paris was out of reach

Smooth skin became creased
Bright eyes grew tired
Blonde hair turned gray
Old age had set in

The sickness came
Gray hair fell out
I held his hand
Felt his hopes and dreams fading
Yet I still told him,
“We’ll go there someday.”

As he fell into a peaceful slumber
I painted pictures for him
Of France’s splendor
Of our long love

Hard work
And a promise
Brought me here
To the top of this tower
Overlooking the shining city
In the darkness of the night

I feel closer to him now
As I stare at the cloud-covered sky
Gripping the iron railing, I whisper,
“I knew we’d come here someday.”

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