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Explosions of Soul

June 6, 2012
By thezebrasgray PLATINUM, Taylorsville, Utah
thezebrasgray PLATINUM, Taylorsville, Utah
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We’re all just explosions of soul tryin’ to turn ourselves into somethin’.
And we’re all just tryin’ to find our own little piece of heaven.
In fact, we’re all tryin’ so hard, we often lose sight of the big picture.
We’ve all seen it though, in the night sky, it’s all those stars,
Yet we feel forced to work nine to five, just to keep our distant dreams alive.
Unfortunately for you, those dreams died long ago, in the moment when you quenched your soul.
It happened when you conformed, when you stepped into the masses,
It happened when you decided to put your head down and trudge through life as if it were molasses.
But don’t worry, I’ll pray for you, that you may somehow regain your spark of individuality.

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