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May 28, 2012
By merelyacitizen DIAMOND, Waynesville, North Carolina
merelyacitizen DIAMOND, Waynesville, North Carolina
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I reject your reality and substitute my own.

I'm a Christ follower; I believe. I do my Godly deeds.
But when it comes down to it: I dislike the Church.
Because it always deals out hurt.
It speaks of Righteousness and terms of healing,
While behind closed doors not a soul is kneeling.
Its a face,
A facade,
A house full of plaster.
The woman at the door is being denied entrance,
With her box of alabaster.

A suit doesn't make you holy,
And a skirt doesn't make you clean.
Its the silent deeds that matter.
The ones that go unseen.

You see, your Pastor isn't perfect and your Priest is far from sane.
You follow them blindly yet call me, a Truthsayer:

My words are far from holy and by no means entirely correct.
But you must question the truth.
You must always dissect.

Church is not required,
Nor does it determine your salvation.
Church is merely a tool to augment your spiritual situation.
Jesus never held Church in a building,
Or in a standard location.
Church was a part of him.
Where he was.
His vocation.
So don't chide me for my lack of attendance.
Jesus called the religious a brood of serpents.
All you will bare his vengeance.

There is a point in which the Church's authority supersedes God own;
Making his own children the minority.

God said go and in his name construct a Holy Empire.
Not a falsely pietous building erected of your own fleshly desires.
Church is a hospital, an infirmary for the broken.
Yet you leave so many feeling blind, dumb and lame simply by the words you have spoken.
The Lord wishes for all to taste and to see that He is good.
But again you leave so many feeling ashamed and misunderstood.

The pulpit is not your soapbox,
You're nothing more than a poor thespian.
False witness is a sin,
But you condemn so many for being Gay and Lesbian.

To all you who are proper and speak correct word,
I applaud you.
I am irrevocably sorry for those that fraud you.

God so loved the world that He gave His only Son.
He did not do that so you could re-write what has already been done.

I speak this with conviction, by the authority of the cross,
That eyes may be opened and no more souls may be lost.
I deny your shoddy claims of tertiary spirituality.
In fact, I feel sorry for you,
Because you live in abnormality.

Church is not meant for the "perfect".
Nor the already just.
Its a place of healing,
To realize that living for God is a must.
So when you rot on your pews, your Bible holding no substantial weight,
I hope you recall the truth of the Sanctuary,
And feel the sweat on your brow from Hell's Gates.

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