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Breaking Out

May 16, 2012
By fakesmilesbigdreams PLATINUM, Rome, New York
fakesmilesbigdreams PLATINUM, Rome, New York
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When the world comes crashing down,
Break out of the box
Don't let your life come crashing down
Your much more important than you think you are

Someday you'll realize how much i need you,
But for now let me help you through
Let me teach you that there's no such thing as perfect
At least try to make it last

If you give up, you've wasted time
Your life gone by
Memories passing by, as if they don't exist
Your stronger than this

You think it's over
But it's not the end
Your life is only starting
It's too early to quit

I know you can make it
Don't let your life fall apart
Pick up the pieces, and solve your puzzle
I will never let you fall

The author's comments:
What inspired me to write this is one of my friends who feels like giving up. He means a lot to me and this was written to hopefully change his mind and inspire other people not to give up and to keep trying because things do get better.

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