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She never asked for this

April 16, 2012
By Gee-Gee SILVER, MarkedTree, Arkansas
Gee-Gee SILVER, MarkedTree, Arkansas
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they all look at her and they all see someone she isn't
they all see this girl with a smile on her face and her head held high.
everyone thinks she is unbreakable.
but really she is as fragile as a dream
it does not take much to make her go away, it does not take much to break her spirits and make her want to break down in tears.
no one knows how broken she really is.
but its not their fault for she hides it so well.
you would never know it at just a glance, but look closer and you might see all the heartache and pain she feels behind the mask.
she didn't ask for this life, she didn't ask to be unhappy, but its the life she was given.
she didn't ask for parents that didn't love her, that didn't want her.
she never asked to be here, but everyday she tries her best to smile and make the best of it.
she isn't perfect but she tries so hard to be.
she tries her hardest to be there for everyone that she can. but god how it always seems to mess up on her.
all she wants is to see others happy but she feels so broken.
she doesn't know what to do anymore.
she is so lost so confused so broken.
she never asked for this.

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