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In your hands

April 15, 2012
By DeePiper PLATINUM, Gainesville, Texas
DeePiper PLATINUM, Gainesville, Texas
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"Poetry flows. Right from my heart, to the paper. The best poems create themselves within your heart, and your mind...well, the mind interprets them... See, think of your heart as the artist, and your mind as the audience... get it?"

In your eyes, where troubles wade through murky waters
The left side of your smile held down by the weight of the world.
You hold your chin high as the wind in dreadful weather,
Acting tough, a reasonable defense
From the blunders and terrors remembrance.
But I have faith, we can do this thing together.
This life, with all in all.
Because somehow my heart is safer no where else than in your hands.

The author's comments:
my sixth month anniversary with my amazing boyfriend marks the making of this poem. it's simple. and maybe not very good. but it's how i feel. how i felt the night leading in to our anniversary. I wanted to write a poem for him, to tell him how much i love the parts of him i'm not sure he even realizes exists. He's strong, and determined, he's funny and mysterious. He gives me hope and i wanted him to know that.

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