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Pregnant...But Saved

April 16, 2012
By ZhadaMone GOLD, Westwood, New Jersey
ZhadaMone GOLD, Westwood, New Jersey
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"I love you as much as I did yesterday but, not as much as I will tommorow"

Punching walls

screaming, cursing.

Yo, how this happen to me? I'm just a kid.

What about school? What about Mom? What about Dad? What about.. me?

Two minutes of pleasure equals nine months of carrying plus twenty-four hours of labor. A grand total of eternal reprimandation.

Kicked out, on the streets. Disappearing family, ghost baby-daddy.

Only the bible by me as I clutch my belly.

God, shower me and my little one in your blood as we travel these rough streets in this dark hour. God, I know I made a mistake and I come to you for forgiveness, grace, and a touch of mercy. God, your love for me is greater than my downfalls. As I caress my belly, breath life into this baby. God, I'm leaning toward you and I'm standing on your word until it comes to pass. God I love you and I know you love me so I know me and this miniature human will be alright as we rest in your hollow hands. Amen.

I can make it. I'm pregnant...but I'm saved.

The author's comments:
This poem was about a teenage girl who had gotten pregnant, her family leaving her side and pushing her away due to her mistake. She prays to God, knowing she will make it. Just her, the baby, and God.

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