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April 13, 2012
By hollyrose SILVER, Staten Island, New York
hollyrose SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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That roaring noise of a plane overhead
Always makes me shiver.

It is that moan that pours down from the heavens
That closes my eyes,
Brings out the warmth on my cheek,
And presses the heat into my skin

And when I hear that sound of lazy flight
The sound of crashing waves always follows.

I hear the ocean
Because when we were young and bored
We’d sleep in the sand

And we’d melt together.

And as the day passed
We would slip and slide into the sea:

I could hear
That thunder rolling down through the clouds
It would mingle in the waves as we floated,

And then I could hear
The sound of sea and sand
Singing me back to sleep

So, even now as I sit here
On this hot and cemented stoop,

I hear the crashing waves
And it makes me shiver.

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