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the Tree and the Dream

April 13, 2012
By hollyrose SILVER, Staten Island, New York
hollyrose SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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She sat beneath that Tree for a very long time that day

So long that the sun
Soaked into her skin
And melted it just a little bit.

Skin glued to muscle
She was still,

With two lids covering two orbs,
She slept.

She slept for so long
That the roots bit into her skin
And took her into the dirt.

She almost forgot what it felt like to be touched
To be loved,

She forgot
Where she was
Why she was there
What she had left behind

She forgot what she was running from.

The two of them
Their tangled tales
Their fights

Her Prison.

She lost all of that
The moment she fell asleep beneath that oak

It wrapped her in its shadow
It let her forget

And for just one day
She only knew
The Tree
And the Dream.

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