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The Descendants

April 13, 2012
By hollyrose SILVER, Staten Island, New York
hollyrose SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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It all began with the Loud and the explosions of: heat, energy, the first colors and light, Gases exploring the realms of untouched

empty space and, soon enough, there were little beads of life, microscopic and invisible to the naked eye, they were there, blending with other beads, growing, and while they grew they were morphing, melting and falling into more permanent forms these tiny beads microscopic were underestimated, in fact, they were capable of almost anything, coming together into one man and while this was only a rough outline of a man, it was the first man and alongside him, the first woman, somehow, although they lacked words, they were compatible, and compatible enough that they would live and create the earth on which they trod, feet callused, they ran and from their foot steps, marked in the sand, sprang new life and love and civilization, the man and the woman had underestimated their descendants, had no clue as to what their own race was capable of creating and destroying, but first all was beautiful, people grew in groups, developed ideas and standards separate from those in opposition but, soon enough, these once tiny clusters grew and expanded, populations wrapping around the globe began to bump into each other, morphing, melting and falling into new forms, the man and the woman greatly underestimated their descendents.

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