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Our Beginning

April 11, 2012
By HiddenAngelInTheDark PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
HiddenAngelInTheDark PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Where have we gone?
  Where are we now?
 What happen to us?

 9 months on and we're still going on 

 In the beginning we had something magical but as we went on that enchanting spark started to became fuzzy within time

But it's still there somehow

 We were all over the place

Both broken, physically and emotionally

Up to Down, Left to Right, Happy to Sad

Even now we still struggle and were so close to breaking a apart 

But the inner feelings in our hearts and souls wouldn't allow it

These chains that hold us together and is unbreakable

We aren't allow to leave because we know we can't

We balance and hold each other at

Still holding the key to the lock that bounds our hearts together as one 

We are cautious not to break them but too scared to ever let go of them

Though this is only our beginning of our story

 It is no where near the end of it

The author's comments:
I was in ELA class and I was thinking of my beauty and it came to me since it was almost our 9 month annivsary

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