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March 2, 2012
By PerfectMistakes BRONZE, Winterville, North Carolina
PerfectMistakes BRONZE, Winterville, North Carolina
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"Live as if you'll die today, dream as if you'll live forever." -James Dean

I refuse
To take the easy way out.
I will not die another statistic.
I will no longer be a spoiled child.
I've changed,
Now it's your turn

If you come to me,
Screw being diplomatic.
I'll tell you the truth.
"You're being stupid."
I won't sugarcoat it.

You think your life is so hard,
I won't argue with you.
But I will remind you:
Everyone has it hard,
You're delusional,
If you think you're alone.

Why hurt yourself to ease the pain?
A slice, a cut,
It's all the same,
Such a cliche!
At least when I tried,
I used a pencil sharpener blade!

And I'll tell you something,
That was a mistake!
It didn't help at all,
Just made me afraid.
Now I wield the scars,
Along with the shame.

I know I'm not you
And I know you're not me,
But for a minute,
Can you stop?
And listen,

I'm begging here!
You're my friend,
I don't want you to die!
It's a slap in the face
To think that you don't care
Enough to just try.

Heed my warning,
This won't end well.
Enough is enough,
Escape from your hell.
Wake up from this nightmare,
Open your eyes!

"You're being selfish!"
Think of all the people who'll miss you
And don't you dare say there's no one.
Think of all the people who make you laugh
And the ones you make laugh in return.
Think of me, at least, even if I'm just nobody.

What good would it do
For you to die?
You think you're doing them a favor,
When really,
That's a lie.
You're just hurting the one's you love the most.

I don't care if you say
You're not strong enough,
Make yourself stronger.
I don't care if you say
Theres's no purpose in living,
Give yourself purpose.

No longer will I smile sadly,
Hug you, reassure you.
I'll scream a million times if I have to.
I refuse to stay silent.
Too bad,
I don't have the courage...

To tell you in person.

The author's comments:
This poem kind of just rushed to me one day when I was thinking of one of my friends. I was thinking about how I want to show her that I made the same mistakes she's making, but I just can't find the words to do it. A part of it's even aimed at myself, how stupid I was back then. If only I had more courage.

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on Aug. 8 2012 at 2:30 pm BRONZE, Riceboro, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
Never give up...NEVER!

Simply AWESOME!!! Just so powerful and passionate. LOVED it! You should post more...