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Sleeves and Stars

March 6, 2012
By kungfud00d BRONZE, Murphytown, West Virginia
kungfud00d BRONZE, Murphytown, West Virginia
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It’s one of those nights sleep doesn’t seem likely
One of those nights I wonder what this is All I can think
About. you in my arms. but you don’t feel the same way about
those moments. I still feel your lips, our kiss. I know that moment was
wasn’t it
The way you
held onto my sleeves.
Feeling your whole body tense and then relax
Exhale and relax

The way you held on to my sleeves.
How you fell into my embrace.
Vehemently pressing your soft lips to mine.

That moment was real. I have to remind myself some times

Your soft blonde hair twirling itself around my fingers.
Your eyes search my lips for the point where that universe began.

We were alone in the sky
On a cloudy night
Unable to see the world through
The cotton blanket of clouds
It didn’t exist
So we turned our gaze upwards
You stared into the stars
Only, I brought my gaze down.
There was nothing in Heaven so precious or
Beautiful as what I had managed to hold in my arms

The author's comments:
A collection of moments

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