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The Last Fight

February 24, 2012
By ScarletMassacre GOLD, Burkeville, Virginia
ScarletMassacre GOLD, Burkeville, Virginia
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I trusted her
She betrayed me
I opened up to her
She lied to me
I thought she loved me
But she never did
She only seduced me
To bring me to my knees
I was like that of a god!
My Father in Heaven bestowed me
With strength not matched by man nor beast
As long as my hair was never cut
My strength stayed unwavering
Then Delilah came along
She seduced me
I trusted her
I told her my secret
The secret to my strength
The moment I fell asleep
She betrayed me
She cut off my hair
And her superiors chained me to stone pillars
I couldn’t live in my shame
With one last plea to the Lord
I gathered my last bit of power
And pulled the pillars down
They fell, pinning me in
Sealing my demise
My last breath
Was in victory

The author's comments:
Based loosely on the Biblical story of Samson and Delilah, told from Samson's point of view

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