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January 20, 2012
By smichelle SILVER, Pewee Valley, Kentucky
smichelle SILVER, Pewee Valley, Kentucky
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Maybe I’m insane,
Maybe the devils I see,
Aren’t really there,
They call out my name,
Call out every single thought I’ve ever had.
Two can play this game.

Accept the insanity,
Go with the flow
That’s who I am going to be.
Tolerate the voices,
Telling me I’m wrong,
Ignore the horrible thoughts going on in my awkward mind.

Waters will reach out to me,
In the foggy haze,
I call my brain.
Skies will invite me,
To lay with them.
And the sun will receive me,
As I am.
None else can do that right.
In this society.

Monsters, crawling up my skin,
Voices telling me what is right
And what may be wrong.
Illusions, right before my hazy eyes.

People will try to find me
In the darkness of the mind I am in.
They will hunt for me,
Just to kill what’s inside of me
To ruin my dreams,
To tell me that I am insane.
And be done.

Pop the medicine in,
Give it some time,
It will tell the monsters to go away.
Flying, I’ll be.
Once I’m a zombie.
Once night time will take me away,
While the bright sun is still up.

The author's comments:
Had an off day and this just kind of floated out. I'm not insane, well not that I know of.

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