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Letters to Them

February 4, 2012
By Seaheart GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
Seaheart GOLD, Chicago, Illinois
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A pen is a sword that has a shield of paper and an armor of words

As my eyes close
The pen moves
And my hand aches
Death is hanging behind my shoulder
Yet I feel at fault
Who am I
To beg mercy to Hades
As I write the letters
And watch them go to flames

Loved one
My heart aches
As a wall of sorrow pushes
And another of iron forces
Yet all I can do is mourn
As a glimmer of hope dances
In the darkness
Just above reach

Happy times have slipped off
Into the dark void
Yet grief and shame hangs
A cloud above my head
I hold the memories closer
As your laugh lingers
Now a sad song

A scream erupts
Cutting the cold silence
A match strikes
Fire licks my heart
Like cold water
Papers float in
And I stare
As they crumple to ashes

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