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January 29, 2012
By Passion4 PLATINUM, Ponte Vedra, Florida
Passion4 PLATINUM, Ponte Vedra, Florida
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Fall into my shape. Fall into the pattern.
I shall sculpt this clay
just as I have been sculpted-
and my father before me.
I shall sculpt you-
and you will be like clay-
forming into the same shape
as the rest of us.
No difference
In the pattern
that we ALL follow-
This is why things will never change.
Where is your
common sense?
There is no such thing.
Just fall into the pattern- of
Brainless Beauty.
Take my opinions and
make them your own.
You can pretend but
I see right through.
They don't even realize they're

The author's comments:
This was inspired by a prompt that my 9th grade English teacher, Ms Gaul, gave us. It was a mission statement that we were supposed to write. This was a variation of that project, turning it into a poem, rather than a mission statement.

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