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Objects and Motives

January 20, 2012
By Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
Free.The.Poison PLATINUM, Hanford, California
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Even in our Darkest hour, we must always remember never to spare.

Looking at everyone with a crown,
Sometimes these illusions get me every time,
You’re scared of what you can’t believe,
So you make believe what’s going around,

I can’t control my methods,
I’m trying too,
Can’t realize whether these emotions are lies or truths,
We follow all these brainwashed individuals,
Not sure if we can escape pushing the mind to a daze,

Looking outside,
Lost my inner self so I can only imagine if I’m sane,
Trying to hold myself,
Pain is only done by me,
Being alive isn’t something I can invent,
This is a mistake I can’t hide,

I can’t recreate this world I participate,
Don’t want to leave,
Some people need too,
I’m so sick of these pages I didn’t write,

Sometimes I try to create a perfect aspect of something,
Pushing my limits something has to be done,
Someone has to help create,
A normal life,
So we share an invention,
Face down on the ground,
Not sure if I can get up,
Random objects keep flying,
Everything helps bring me down,
Emotional attachment keeps dragging us through,

Starting a fire with just a blaze,
Can you push up the smoke or would you try too?

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