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Thank You

January 22, 2012
By TheWolfOfMay SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
TheWolfOfMay SILVER, Dayton, Ohio
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I would like to take some time and thank a few people.

Sadly, not friends or family, but those who were against me.

Thank you to all my Enemies.

Without you looking down on me,

I would never know what being looked up to would feel like.

Without your insults,

I would never no what a compliment was.

Without you beating me down,

I could never have gotten stronger to beat you up.

With out your disrespect,

I would've never known what respect was.

With out you hating me,

I could never know what love feels like.

So thank you,

you tought me alot about who I wanted and didn't want to be.

So thanks for everything,

I won't be returning the favore.

Why you ask?

Because I won't gain nothing from beating those I already beaten.

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