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left side, right side

December 22, 2011
By samvikes66 SILVER, NIANTIC, Connecticut
samvikes66 SILVER, NIANTIC, Connecticut
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Standing on the yellow line
Dividing the path of life
Contemplating perpetually
Which way to take the knife
The end is coming
Whether left or right

Right will never see it coming
It is only to be heard
It will be always be gracious
to all that you have earned
It will come fast
You will never know
It will be easy
it will never show

Left will receive it right in their eyes
Knowing for long before their demise
Wrecking their peace at home or away
Left will always live long in dismay
Left will crash before their time
Left will despise
the other side of the line

Right will always be unsettled
Theyre left jagged and sharp
Like the crashing cars metal
They fall out of existence
Without any plan
A free falling journey
To a beach with no sand

Left knows the terror
The thrill, the anguish
They are scared of a feeling
They can not yet distinguish
It might be pleasant
It might be dire
It might end in water
It might end in fire

Right has no worrys
They no not of this moment
They walk on the path
Not afraid of the torment
They don't cry in fear
They don't look behind
At the death chugging down
Devouring their mind

As their life turns to ashes
And blows away with the wind
The left are all tired
All frail and thinned
Their anx engulfed them
In one gasping breath
They all saw it coming
They saw their own death

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