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A child in the hands of a child

December 4, 2011
By miniko PLATINUM, Germantowm, Maryland
miniko PLATINUM, Germantowm, Maryland
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Laying in the fragile hands of a young child
Is another child in a deep sleep
Her cheeks rosy and pink
Same as the mother who doesn’t know what to think
This baby lying so still
All that’s on her mind is the bondages from never ending bills
Will this baby be adore
Will it end up on the fronts step of someone else door
She’s drowning in society voice
People screaming “hey this was all your choice”
Was it her way to show her love for a boy?
Did he suffocate her and took over her world
His strong gaze piercing all the doubts in her eyes
Feeding her whispers of sweet lies
Making her throw away the last fiber in her pride
Now he’s gone looking for a place to hide
He has no intention of staying by her side
Is this all that’s left of her
The road to her future becoming nothing but a blur
She runs her hand along warm soft skin
Mouth shut close and cant even speak
What will this baby grow up to be
This baby that doesn’t even have a name
This constant reminder making her feel ashamed
All she can give is her goodbyes
Leaving this baby future with questions of why’s

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