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Bad Day

November 22, 2011
By TrueDreamer SILVER, Ottawa, Other
TrueDreamer SILVER, Ottawa, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you land amongst the dazzeling stars!

I am determined to conquer it!
There is a weird thing crying inside of me
Let me out! LET ME OUT!! let me out.

It's eating me up.
This depressing feeling that took over my day.
I need to take control!
To let the darkness go.
To block it out!
To let light in!
So I can shine as I am destined to!
So I say "Go away!!"
"Leave me at once! You will not ruin my day!"

It still holds on with all its might
Knowing it wont be long until I gather my strength
Until I win

I show no weakness
I have faith that my light cannot be put out
It will light up the darkest shadows of the night
and replace the with golden beauty

I wonder why it still clings on
It doesn't have a chance
I tell it again "I will win!"

At that, it vanishes
because after all
Darkness cannot exist where there is light

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I was having a bad day and just started writing to get it out! Remember Light always wins! <3

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