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Two Words: Read My Lips

November 16, 2011
By maddiecochran PLATINUM, Bel Air, Maryland
maddiecochran PLATINUM, Bel Air, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
No, heaven's not a place that you go when you die
It's that moment in life when you touch her and you feel alive
So live for the moment
And take this advice, live by every word
Love's completely real, so forget anything that you've heard
And live for the moment now

Little Girl
Boring Suburbs
Big City
Fresh dreams
Working hard
Paying bills
Dashing hopes
Busting a**
New chances
Better luck
Next time
Missed birthdays
Forgotten holidays
Consuming anti-career
Tough woman
Bigger roles
Ruthless competition
Tireless energy
Little pills
Drunken nights
Stronger. Harder.
Meaner. Smarter.
Overcoming doubts
Growing up
Reaching out
Taking it
For yourself
Pounding pavement
Hitting doors
Never quitting
She will
She will
Make it
Die trying.

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