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Scars On My Heart

November 17, 2011
By Simplemelody GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
Simplemelody GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
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Tears start to roll as I picture your face
O how I loved you so
My heart
My soul
Forever scared
By the love you gave then took away
I dont regret the time I gave
I dont regret all those days
I cherish them
I hold them dear
Even though to let the memories flow
Tears must fall too
The hurt and pain
Held inside
Will supposedly heal with time
But I know part of me will always be yours
When I first met you
Who would have ever guessed
That hatred would have turned into this
As time rolls by
The memories begin to fade
I cant close my eyes and feel your hand in mine
It scares me
But I still hurt
My love for you is still strong
As I fight to the surface
I cant help but wonder
Will I ever fall again
Or will I forever
Be willing to give up my soul for you
As you travel down a road that doesnt need me
You have a new love
And you cant stop talking about her
She is everything I wanted to be
But couldnt because I am me
I keep trying
I keep fighting
We will just have to see
What happens to me
As I wait for my scars to heal
For the pain to go away
For me to be able to finally let you go
For one last time I will say
I love you darling

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