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Surprise Me

November 17, 2011
By Christina... SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
Christina... SILVER, Brockton, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
"Real love doesn't have an happy ending; it surpasses eternity."♥♥♥

"I'm in love with being in love."

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together becomes reality."

"I'm not lost, just undiscovered"

The things of this world fall easily
The words and the smile aren’t with honesty
Nothing here is reality
And inside you hurt so intensely
The life you lived stings painfully
And the tears you cry can’t erase history
But you’re throwing apart your necessity
Cause sometimes your anger overwhelms modesty
And losing is your only way to dignity
Cause joy can become your malady
Happiness can’t defeat your mortality
At the end sadness always gains victory
Cause you die without living actually
You didn’t think I saw trough you philosophy
But I did, you have no morality
Your existence didn’t start accidently
Your purposes were reason to controversy
And to survive you’ve overcome all adversity
You kill with so much intricacy
You’re one of a kind in your impurity
Yet I saw trough your abnormality
You don’t scare me, not even your cold furry
I’m not amazed by your audacity
Nor am I appalled by you idiocy
And in my eyes you are ordinary
Cause I’ve beaten much worst since your discovery
So you’ll need to work harder to surprise me….
See if you can reach my level of decency

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