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True Friend

November 20, 2011
By RoselieaOak SILVER, Antioch, California
RoselieaOak SILVER, Antioch, California
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Where have we gone?
What did we say?
We were so close
Yet so far away

Once, long ago
Our friendship was real
We laughed and we played
It was love we could feel

Then the dark came
And crept in the night
Through the shadows it came
And snuffed out your light

At first, things were great
I couldn't yet see
That our friendship was dying
With no freshly-sown seeds

When the dark finally showed
In the depths of your heart
I knew, deep inside
It would tear us apart

Still, I clung
To the friendship we'd built
Twelve years we'd been friends
Yet you felt no guilt

Slowly, slowly,
You turned away
From all that we'd said
“Friends forever and a day”

My poor fragile heart
Broke into many pieces
I thought I might never
Be able to clean this

But I girl I had known
Since about five years back
Helped clean up the shards;
Pull the knife from my back

She'd lost some friends, too
Friends just like you
We had lots in common
And I saw they were true

She is caring and kind
Loyal and true
She cares what I think
And won't spurn me like you

I can tell her my secrets
And open my heart
I know she won't use them
To break me apart

She's the best I could ask for
Nothing short of a friend
And with Christ in our souls
We'll be friends past the end

The author's comments:
I would like to dedicate this poem to the two girls who have played the biggest roles in my life. The first being my former best friend, who I knew from before I can remember up until I was almost sixteen years old. Though she decided she didn't want to be my friend anymore, I still treasure the memories we shared. The second is my new best friend, who I've only recently become especially close to. She was there when my former friend rejected me, and she supported and comforted me. Thanks to both of you. You truly shaped the person I am today.

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