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In The Middle Of The Night

November 11, 2011
By Simplemelody GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
Simplemelody GOLD, Otisco, Indiana
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May the sun always shine on your windowpane; May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain; May the hand of a friend always be near you; May God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

Late at night we scribes in sweat pants lie
We lay in our beds questioning everything
Even life
We ask our selves who what when were and why
But not just writers
When i lay awake sometimes in the middle of the night
Looking out my window at the sky
I wonder who under this beautiful night is looking upwards too
Are they praying?
Are they thinking of a loved one?
Are thinking of a soldier they love over sea's?
Under this sky is my sole mate looking up too?
Is he wondering when will the day come about when he will find me?
In the middle of the night
Sometimes for no reason at all I cry
I cry for the world around me
I cry for myself
I question why things happen
I question why people are the way they are
In the middle of the night
I think about love
True love
The love of a father for their daughter
A mother for their son
A sister of her sister
A brother of her brother
A girlfriend and boyfriend
A soul mate and a soul mate
In the middle of the night
When i cant possible sleep
My mind wonders
It moves it tumbles
Of everything
I analyze the day
I think of the world around me
I shoot up a little prayer
In the middle of the night
I pray
I wonder about my future
How old will I live to be?
Will i have kids and how many?
Will i be what i want to be now?
Will i do everything i want to do?
Will i live up to my family expectations?
Will i make everyone proud?
Sometimes in the middle of the night
I wonder what people really think of me
I wonder what runs through their heads as they speak to me
Am I what i want to be?
Do i look the way i think i do?
Do i sound as stupid as i think I do?
In the middle of the night
I feel the pain of others
I bear their burden
I pray for their lives
Because they may not have anyone to pray for them
I wonder sometimes if i make the difference i want to
Do people know that i truly care?
In the middle of the night
It is the best time to think
It is a time to just let my mind wonder
As i try to sleep
In the middle of the night
Is the best time to write
Because my mind is rushing
Just trying to let out the words
The thoughts
The questions
That tumble inside
In the night its like a washing machine
Constantly moving
Silence is what fills the air around me
As i sit here late at night scribing
Words that may be read or may never be read by anyone
I sit here
I pour out my mind
I try to think about the world around me and not just about myself
I try to rest my mind
I try to sleep
But without just writing what is whirring in my brain
There is no chance for this scribe to rest quietly in the middle of this dark and cold night
Because the night is so lonely
And you cant help but wonder
Who is up with you looking at the sky
And what it is they are thinking in the middle of the night

The author's comments:
A simple piece that i wrote late one night.

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