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Let Go

October 30, 2011
By PriscillaAnn GOLD, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
PriscillaAnn GOLD, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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"In this life, we take our chances and in the end, the best we can hope for is that the thrill of the moment was worth the price we paid."

That one place.
Do you remember?
Where everything was wrong
and we were together?
That's all that mattered
as you stared at me,
with a heart half battered
and scrapes on your knees.
I turned away
because I only knew
it would never turn out
the way you wanted it to.
So please, stop relying
on this stupid dream.
I know you've been here before
...just not with me.
I'll say a few years (give or take),
and maybe one day you'll realize
that this place is just a big mistake.

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