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This Is The Life Of the Little Girl

October 20, 2011
By LoneGirl2379 BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
LoneGirl2379 BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
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Lately she's been feeling sad
Feeling alone and trapped in this world
Abandoned by two,
They leave,
She stays
Alone in this world

Normally she would feel as if she should
Accompany or join others,
Stand out or reach out

When instead she's
Blended in,
And been a wallflower

Usually she'd feel empty or sullen,
But instead she's been a little content
She's paid more attention to her main priorities
She's been having nicer emotions,
And she's helped out

Saying that things were going well,
Would be paradox
Because, in fact,
She's mostly been feeling
A mixture

A mixture of confusion
Wondering what she's supposed to be doing,
What she's supposed to be paying attention to
Her priorities,
Her family,
Her old friends,
Or herself

Unable to find the answer,
Or even convey the message
As a plea for help,
She walks into a bathroom,
Takes a small container and water
She empties the container
And drinks the water
She writes one last note
As one more vain attempt to show the world how she's feeling
And what she's going through

She dresses in her nightgown
Lays the note on her bedside table,
And falls peacefully asleep

This Was The Life Of The Little Girl

The author's comments:
This is, admittedly, a kind of depressing/sad poem, but there's meaning behind it. It's more of a short story in poetry form. Also, I wrote this when I was honestly feeling depressed-ish. This was actually going to originally have a happy ending, but that's too expected. I go for the UNexpected. This can also be a message saying that there are actually people out there, and that we should prevent it. Hopefully this gives you or someone else a visual of the horrors that are out there.

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