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A Word of Encouragement

October 20, 2011
By LoneGirl2379 BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
LoneGirl2379 BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
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I'm not perfect.

None of us are,
whether we're Christians
or not.

We all have flaws
and deficits.
None include physical appearance.

Why not?

Because what humans consider "physical flaws"
are not flaws.
They're merely proof
of our own uniqueness
given to us by the One himself.

Flaws in humans
are simply the rebellious
and ignorant ways
we act and think.

We can't change it by ourselves;
We need God's help.
So if you're one to always be in strife,
then fear no more.

Because God
is right there with you,
holding onto you
and never
letting you go.

The author's comments:
Something for those that are feeling brought down by the harsh verbal words or acts from others. Enjoy! :)
Also, another one of my on-the-spot poems:)

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