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As kids and Teenagers

October 18, 2011
By Brittany16 SILVER, Population, Illinois
Brittany16 SILVER, Population, Illinois
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Never give up even if things get hard. Things get hard before they get easy.

As we grow up from being good ole kids to teenagers your life changes
As kids we run around the house and yard. we yell in a playful way. we play and go to school
As teenagers, we don't play we don't to go to school we yell not in a playful way and we run around with our friends instead.
As kids, we don't understand anything. life is just a big blur.
As teenagers, we understand and we get what life is and what is really about.
As kids, we are good and do what is right.
As teenagers, we become good and bad in our own ways. We don't always do the right things. We make more mistakes and do more bad things.
As kids, we don't care about anything. We don't know what love is.
As teenagers, we don't know what love is but we fall in love anyways. We care sometimes but not all times.
As we grow up we try new things, do new things, and say new things. That's just us as kids and teenagers.

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