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I, Cole, An American Soldier

September 27, 2011
By ccxisleet GOLD, Big Lake, Minnesota
ccxisleet GOLD, Big Lake, Minnesota
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"To be one's self, is to be truly honest, truly loyal, and truly great."

It is clear to me, that in which the army has brought me to sacrifice,
what it has brought me to let go of, for you:

free time,

at times a phone, at other times limited contact with my immediate family

I've sacrificed my eyes
to that of which I do not wish to see

My heart, to things of which are cold, and sharp.

I've sacrificed my sleep, and seemingly a part of my soul.

the list goes on

The author's comments:
I wrote this while I was gone away, I thought it might be a neat piece for people to see, it might spread there consideration of what some of the people sacrifice while overseas, so many others have sacrificed more than I, but here is my list.

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