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two am

September 28, 2011
By theburlapcurtains PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
theburlapcurtains PLATINUM, Cincinnati, Ohio
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twitching dog dreaming of sinking his teeth into a bleeding black tire
this is when the crickets sing in forests of grass
the bats flutter like crashing crop dusters
the infomercials glow in a room that's dark
this is when the restless come out of the cracks
to say hello to those unwelcome thoughts

late night walks are supposed to be dangerous
"it's dark outside you idiot!"
it's only those brave enough-crazy enough
who know how peaceful it can be
walking through a film that's paused
staying in a happy peaceful moment where nothing is wrong


sirens flashing

sirens blaring
"are they coming for me?"
resist the inclination to dive into dark blobby shrubs
when head lights approach the delicate safety

florescent metro bus seems to float by
a traveling atmosphere
displaying it's occupants like solitary heroes
with ghostly shadows adoring their faces
a comforting sight as opposed to a dark suburban house

footsteps echoing, legs twitching, sheets finally embracing
eyes close and the world feels just right

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