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I Am From...

October 6, 2011
By DarkestSunshine GOLD, Mill Valley, California
DarkestSunshine GOLD, Mill Valley, California
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Doubt me...I dare you

I am from adventure, exploration
Heat and grass.
From the blistering summer sun,
Cracked earth and a splintery wooden porch.
I am from dried grass in my field
And collecting bugs in jam jars.
I am from questions, wood smoke, yarrow,
From a snow covered ground and lady bug plants.
I am from imagination
And hours spent under a porch.
I am from the pumpkin’ and tadpoles,
Love and hate, and a hide away.

I am from dusty arena’s and horses.
From swaying forests that go on and on.
I am from bodacious, wilderness, the untamed
And plains of nothingness.
I am from daydreams and no T.V.
From pie, sitting alone, Santa Anna’s
And sunrooms.
I am from layered bloomers, kueamaka lake,
Hikes and climbing boulders.
I am from stickers in a drawer, Summer Dog
And fairy pancakes for a circle.
I am from Quarts, tree climbing,
And hours spent in the dirt.
I am from magic, make believe and water.

I am from unknowing, new family,
And culture.
From traveling the world, castles,
Millions of gardens,
And natural wonders.
I am from Christmas, Thanksgiving,
And homemade Hallow’een’s.
From meditation, quiet, and inner peace.
From the theory learn fast,
Understand more, sand paper letters,

Animals and respect.
I am from paint and a chisel,
“Up On the Roof”,
And nailing stump.

I am from The Ranch, late nights and
Business calls.
From parks, museums,
And antique Japanese stuff.
I am from sun, San Diego, and the beach.
From surf comps, sand, pools and tandem.
I am from Spanish, Horatio,
And goldfish.

I am from spicy, plain and piles.
From crunch, fresh cut carrots, and salad.
I am from tastes, picky to perfection and
New flavors,
From free range chicken, Mexican rice and fajitas.
I am from fud, toad food, and Fred.

I am from cold nights, long days, wet muddy fields
From apples thrown from a window.
I am from pelting rain, the earthy smell of dirt and rot,
From green and hedged lanes.
I am from endless fields, amazing sunsets
And hidden beaches.
From Blackpool, pubs, trees
And the Dart.
I am from dripping leaves, moss
And seasons.
I am from the Moors, warm rooms,
And ironing beads.
From radiators and the gurgles,
From smelly pens, jet lag
And story tapes.
I am from the Dawn Treader, Pippin and Tom.
From trampolines, seed-copters, war memorials,
And slow worms.
I am from Ballet, Dartmouth baked beans on toast,
And prawn and cocktail.
I am from muddy walks, farm roads and headlands.
From tea shops, Dartmoor ponies, B&Bs
And from heather, gorse, and bracken.

I am from the earth, connecting
In every way I can.
A leaf collection, broken porcelain,
A pound found,
Under a rainbow.
Everything everywhere I am connected.
A twin in a Berber village,
My mark on a distant mountain pine.
I have roots everywhere.
A million faces of family
And friends,
That fade with time and then
Reappear with provoked memories
And deja vué,
Only to fade away into
The corner of my mind.
A thousand summer days,
that dissipate into
The tapestry of my life.

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on Apr. 24 2017 at 11:17 pm
joyashford BRONZE, West Chester, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"We're all human, aren't we? Every human life is worth the same, and worth saving."

Love this! I've read a lot of "I am From" poems but this one really stood out... I love the word choice, and the way you construct the lines with just enough description to make an image in the reader's mind but keep them short enough to maintain fluidity and pacing.