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Everything I Would Say.

September 3, 2011
By ashkash95 SILVER, New Hyde Park, New York
ashkash95 SILVER, New Hyde Park, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Love never fails." 1 Corinthians 13:8

Everything I would say if ever I got the chance:

You’re annoying, aggravating, amazing.
Dang you, alliteration.
I hate you but I love you and that’ annoying.
I respect you but I want to slap you and that’s aggravating.
As for amazing, that’s you, all you.

Sad, isn’t it?
So sad that I doodle in the margins of notebooks,
Even though I said I wouldn’t.
And I practice signing my first name with your last,
Even though I know someone might see.
And on a warm summer evening I find myself thinking of you,
Even though I promised myself I’d stop.

It’s crazy because I can’t stand you,
But all I want is for you to be here.
I want the romance of a million novels.
To carve our initials into a tree,
To dance in the rain.

I want to fight and fight and fight until I hate you more than I already do.
I want to waste countless, bitter tears over you.
I want to lay awake at night wondering where it went wrong.
I want you, with an apology and guitar in tow, to show up at my window.
Or maybe I’ll show up at yours.

You’ll laugh at me when I cry during The Notebook and The Little Mermaid and even Harry Potter.
I’ll laugh when you try to choke down my cooking.

You’ll pull me into a passionate kiss at the supermarket
When we’re buying cookie dough because I told you I love you for the very first time.
And I’ll say those very same words with a forever attached
When you’ll propose in a photobooth at the mall.

And we’ll be happy, I’ll promise you that.

You’ll steer clear of me while I’m planning our wedding.
Until I break down with all my worries.
Then you’ll hold me for hours,
Whispering sweet nothings in my ear.
I’ll cry and cry until I stop and remember that I love you.

Finally, I’ll walk down the aisle.
You’ll be standing there, grinning from ear to ear,
Assuring me that this is right.
I’ll barely remember that day that I spent months planning.
But that’s okay because it was about you.

You’ll make fun of me
And I’ll quote Taylor Swift
And we’ll annoy each other so much.

We’ll fight until there’s nothing left in us
But the apologies and the wrongs needed to be made right.

We’ll raise three kids: two boys and a girl.
Our daughter’ll hate us and her brothers for being so protective
But we’ll just laugh.

I’ll be sad when we’re alone again
Until you remind me that we did it once before.

Various people will come and go in our lives and we’ll make it through because of each other.

We’ll make cups of coffee
And sit on our porch
And watch the sunset every night.

We’ll live happily ever after.

But there’s so much,
And so little,
And not all the books in the world could have enough words,
But a simple sentence is excessive.

So if ever I were given the chance
To show you the fantasy I get swept away by,
To tell you anything and everything that I want to say to you,
I would tell you absolutely nothing at all.

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on Sep. 11 2011 at 4:08 pm
ashkash95 SILVER, New Hyde Park, New York
9 articles 0 photos 99 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Love never fails." 1 Corinthians 13:8


Jeffrey K said...
on Sep. 11 2011 at 11:02 am
wow asha hahaha i really love how you told this amazing story and got me really into it, making me feel all the emotions but then at the end with the realization that none of it happened, a sort of disappointment i could relate to the character. such a great poem