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Captain Hook

August 5, 2011
By MonaLisaSmile GOLD, North Liberty, Indiana
MonaLisaSmile GOLD, North Liberty, Indiana
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“Stupid boy!”

I rage at the cerulean sky,

shaking my mangled fist at

the empty expanse of blue above me.

My eyes slide to the cobalt depths,

in which a horrible beast scared me

into a white fear that swallowed me whole.

I hate him with a fire that cannot be stamped out,

or watered down by a cool rain.

He will pay for what he has done to me,

what causes me such pain every time I reach up

to touch my chin, or straighten my hat.
“He'll crow. He'll fight. And then...he'll die.”

The words I swore on the day he took my hand,

I swear again as I harangue toward the silver clouds

that I feel will, so soon, open up themselves and allow

my long-nines to clear a wide hole in his prideful chest.

A whistle sounds under a foot of deck timber.

What idiot has broken my menacing reverie?

Men begin shouting around me, squawking like the

birds that lazily float around the ship, pointing up at the

sky with grubby fingers, at a slim silhouette, gliding round

the main mast and rigging.
“Take him down! Shoot him!”

I scream at the soaring shape, trying to bring it down with the sound of my voice.
I shake my mangled fist at him and yell
“I'll get you Peter Pan, if it’s the last thing I do!”

The author's comments:
For my creative writing class we were asked to give a voice to a literary or historical figure. I chose Captain Hook. :)

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on Oct. 1 2011 at 8:29 pm
Anonymous_7 SILVER, Branson, Missouri
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OK this was GREAT! I love Peter Pan and Captain Hook and you seemed to capture the essence of Hook really well! Keep it up!