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thinking of you?

August 22, 2011
By XxTickleM3EmoxX PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
XxTickleM3EmoxX PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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L.Why is everyone O. trying to find it? V. Maybe it's hidden for a reason...E.

If you look in the mirror and dont like what you see, you might find out first hand what its like to be me...

You say you're here for me,
Are you really?
You say you know me,
Do you really?
Am I hiding something?
Maybe I hide in pain under my smile?
I am allowed to aren’t I?

Forget it!
that’s me.
Can you tell me if you see all there is to me... ME!
Keep on thinking…

Theres more to me?
Heart breaker?
that’s all I'll be?
In your eyes i'm your bestfriend,
So is that the reason she stares at me?
or is it just pretend?

A long hard cold stare
Only I wish I meant something,
something that was never there,
Keep on thinking,
you'd best better be prepared,

And to her im just another w**re
You took her,
but i'll be there at your door...

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