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And his name was Sam

August 8, 2011
By LadyMoon DIAMOND, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
LadyMoon DIAMOND, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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The camouflage of the hidden soldiers
The heavy breathing of the frightened one
No name, the shame
Bloodshed undone.

The guns poised at the ready
Hearts beating too fast
the end is near
Another life will pass

The rapmpage across the field
The taste of fear and blood and sweat
Everything so surreal
nowhwere near the victory yet

A sudden shot
A breath torn away
Another lost soul
Oh what a sad day

A little girl miles away
Writes a letter
Waits every day

Next to the window
During sun snow and rain
Her breath is a whisper,her heart is in pain

The Star Spangled banner
full of stars and such
The little girl sees this
And for her its too much

Detached voices tell her hes gone
He wont ever come home
He will never write back
Never pick up the phone

The little girl trembles;
they will never understand
How much he meant to her,
He was her brother, this man

And to them he is nothing
Just another casualty in war
They dont care about his name,
Their judgemnet of him is so poor

They come to the door
say "you don't know how sorry I am
For your little boy Kyle"
And the little girl Pam
Gives a sad smile
"His name was Sam".

The author's comments:
"This poem is about how a little girl named Pam loses her brother in war and the government didnt even have the decency to remember his name. Sad story, but its happened to people I know."

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