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Good Morning

August 2, 2011
By enyahs94 SILVER, Waterman, Illinois
enyahs94 SILVER, Waterman, Illinois
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"If its beautiful where you go then take in every moment. Every capillary of every petal and leaf. Every undulation of every ancient rock. Every gasp of laughter of anyone you love. Look to all of these things. It is the important stuff." -Paul

Good morning to.. my angel.

fingers laced, neatly inside the spaces of mine.

chest rising and lowering, gentle breaths.

inhale, exhale.

soft, exposed skin.

my fingertips tracing each and every crevice.

lips curved up in the ghost of a smile,

my palm caressing your cheek with ease.

good morning to.. my angel.

eyes slowly beginning to open

body subtly beginning to stir.

your breath on my lips

good morning to..

my angel.

with our sweet kiss.

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