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My Reflection

August 3, 2011
By Katiexox GOLD, Portville, New York
Katiexox GOLD, Portville, New York
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I Look In The Mirror
&& What Do I See?
A Door Mat, Step All Over Me
A Tower Of Cards, Watch Me Fall, Please
A Twig, Watch Me Break
A Clown, With a Smile I Fake,
A Cloud, Watch Me Cry,
A Broken Bird, Watch Me Try To Fly,
This Reflection, It Talks
With Unspoken Words,
Of My Tragic Flaw,
And All Of It Hurts,

As I Stand There Gazing,
At This Broken Piece of Life,
A Mirror of Love,
Shattered By Your Might,
And You Took The Biggest Piece,
This poor piece of my heart,
You captured it,
And Beat It From The Start
So Now, Where Do I Go?
This Mirror Still Stays,
With The Reflection Of A Girl,
Who Gives Herself Praise,
How Am I Standing, Looking At Myself?
Its Like Looking At Crying Baby,
Looking for Some Help
And Yet, Im Still Standing
On My Own Two Feet,
Tired of Losing,
Tired of Defeat,
But Still Standing, At That
And Atleast i Can Say,
This Mirror Speaks Truth,
But Not Of My Fate,
And Im Not Giving In,
Im Opening Wide,
These Eyes of Defeat,
That Are Done Being Blind,
So I Wipe These Tears,
And Look In My Reflection,
And Decide Im Done Being
Apart of Your Collection
So I Turn Away,
And Take On The Part,
Of Taking It Back,
Taking Back My Heart;;<3

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