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The Star's Wish

July 31, 2011
By MonaLisaSmile GOLD, North Liberty, Indiana
MonaLisaSmile GOLD, North Liberty, Indiana
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What many of you little people on Earth don’t realize is the fact that there are resplendent things down on your solitary planet. All of you gaze up towards the unknown, striving to reach higher and higher for something you have no hope of ever finding or wrapping your greedy little fingers around. You do not stop to gaze around you, to let yourselves see the world at eye-level. Take a moment to do so, please. What do you see?
Do you see a cold dorm room with cinderblock walls countered by bright, cheery bedspreads?
Do you gaze out the window and see the snow swirling gently to the frozen ground?
Do you see someone you care very deeply about?
Take a moment and be grateful that you have the ability to see. Color and form are things that humans take for granted, I’ve noticed, as I gaze down from my perch in the cosmos.
I see things that you mere mortals cannot fathom; I see the depravity of the human soul; the listless motions that most would not notice; the unspeakable violence of the world that your fragile forms cannot handle.
We watched massacres of millions of people, silently aching for the will to crash to Earth and destroy such malevolent beings.
But we do not control our movements, like humans do. We stretch out our fingers of light, hoping that feeble human eyes may gaze up at our beauty and wonder what we are thinking.
When hopeful minds wish upon us, we hear these things. Did you know? The only tangible things that stars can hold are the whispered hopes of hearts too full to contain them. I bottle mine, stow them away. They come to us like snow falling in reverse, like gravity beginning to pull in a different direction. They shine, shine almost brighter than we do in the darkness, illuminated by the hope or desperation that each person wished with. Some wishes glow a deep blue, wishes for themselves. Others give off a yellow pulse, like a candle flame, wishes for someone other than the wisher.
I also witness the most gorgeous acts of kindness; of love in all its forms. Though it may be hard to spot upon first glance, the human race is by far the most amazing of any kind in the universe because they can love. Even the stars weep to know that humans are more perfect than we are.
The stars, the silent observers, can name the panoply of emotions that can sprint across a human’s face in a matter of seconds: happiness turns to jealousy which turns to hurt which turns to self-pity.
Can a simple mind even comprehend how blessed the human race is? The stars gaze down on you with envy written in light around them. We envy humans for the gifts that the Creator gave them and not us.
You can smell the rain as it falls like shining diamonds.
You can hear the solitary sound of a dove as it passes over the frozen lake in the middle of the woods.
You can touch another person’s hand.
These things are what the stars envy.
We hang here surrounded by light and long to move, to breathe, to sigh.
The stars are also gifted with the ability to wish, though. Among us, the wish we most desire is not for ourselves. We hang in this vast ocean of perpetual darkness, never being able to love, truly love. The stars desire the human race to love. All problems could cease if the human heart could embrace unconditional love.

So many people walk past others, never noticing faces, expressions. Next time you walk down the street, the stars dare you to tell someone you have never met ‘hello’, with a smile. The stars dare you to show caring, a feeling ingrained in every single body on the planet.
Love starts with a simple smile.
Next time you walk under the star-laden sky, wish for unconditional love.

We, the stars, are wishing for it too.

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