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Stuff My PArents Do

June 3, 2011
By purplepickles GOLD, Mounds View, Minnesota
purplepickles GOLD, Mounds View, Minnesota
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Stuff My Parents Do
#1) My dad’s punch lines to jokes are better than the original punch lines.
#2) In the third grade, my mom, in a pink bathrobe, dropped of a sandwich for me, and told the whole class didnt’t have cheese on it because it gives me gas
#3) Whenever we ask my dad for a favor he replies, “No ‘cuz I’m busy itching myself
#4) My moms favorite song is entitled “Poo-Poo Poopy Do”
#5) According to my father; I’m a wet sock and I’ve never tasted so delicious.
#6) At the ATM my mom dances, because she thinks it’ll give the security guard behind the camera some entertainment.
#7) No matter what’s wrong, dads always there to make you feel better.
#8) My mom is always ready to give you a hug; whether you know you need it or not.
#9) Dad loves kids. He welcomes them all with open arms.
#10) My mom cries every first day of school in fear of her kids growing up and not needing her anymore
#11) My dad is always there, to say goodbye to me, when I’m going to school.
#12) My mom would give up everything for me.
#13) My parents are absolutely, positively, 100% surely, without a doubt, the most amazing people in the world

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