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Broken Slowly. Killed Gently.

July 14, 2011
By meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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no, no, stop.
please don't break anymore.
a split second passed,
and yet another crack.
one hateful word,
it goes again.
a frown,
and now its aching.
a tear falls.
there goes some more.
they spread and spread,
and branch off each other.
a foundation breaks.
and a mess it grows.
i fill in the wholes with concrete,
but it falls in.
i try to tape the pieces together,
but the tape isn't near strong enough.
i patch the cracks with band aids,
but there aren't enough in the world.
i run out of ideas.
another piece falls,
and again, i fail to catch it.
it falls to somewhere,
to no where.
one big sound, and its piercing.
one second, and its over.
my heart, it crumbles, it shatters.
i feel the overwhelming pain for just a moment.
the light is dim.
the hope has disappeared.
broken slowly.
and killed gently.

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