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Wasn't It Beautiful

July 14, 2011
By meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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your told to take your seat
its your very first day of kindergarten.

see a bug, suddenly a brand new pet.
the biggest sin of all was to step on it.
reluctant to forgive,
but indeed we did.
a few exaggerated words we would say
as we placed a flower on its grave.
away we would hop,
without giving it a second thought.

a yellow box appeared from my ladybug backpack,
containing 12 cherished crayons, never to be given back.
learn how to hold them, spread he colors across the page.
my tongue out and to the side, a look of concentration across my face.
my picture better than hers, or even his,
and my sun with a face, even had 2 noses.
with those crayons that my teacher gave,
i drew on walls, tables, even people, nothing got in my way.

a face, a smile, and funny looking ears,
when finding new friends, never did i have a fear.
i like you because of your light up shoes, oh how delightful,
friendship back then was so simple.
she tripped me, i fell
but distracted by something, got up, and grudges were never held.
we would sit on the edge of our seat, till our teacher would say,
time for recess, show and tell, the highlight of our day.

wasn't it easier when everyone coveted your batman lunchbox.
when you didn't even know how to tell time on a clock.
it was so much simpler when boys and girls had cooties,
when the only pain you felt was your "ow-ey".
wasn't it easier when your whole world revolved around what shape your fruit snacks were.
when it came to anything else, you didn't care.
wasn't it simpler when you refused to use a fork when eating spaghetti.
when your best friend was your stuffed elephant, "Ellie".
wasn't it beautiful when there was nothing to figure out, nothing to do.
when everybody believed in you.

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