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Who You Chose To Be

July 14, 2011
By meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
meganlindsey PLATINUM, Willis, Texas
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Who you chose to be
Was unexpected, unforeseen.
You chose to crawl out from your protective little house
That God has so lovingly built you.
You used to be somebody, somebody we thought would stay.
And now we watch in awe as you throw all that beauty away.

You are leaving all your friends
The ones that know you the best
Leaving the ones who have been there for you
The ones that have laughed and cried with you
And now what do they get? They don’t even bother to ask why.
A slap in the face, not even a polite goodbye.

Just look at what is consuming you from the inside out
Not familiar, not the peace you’ve always known.
It’s growing on you, look out.
Unfortunate. A mockery it’s made of you
You’ve been told, you’ve been warned
And even still, you pour yourself out.

You choose new words, even a new laugh.
It haunts your previous friends deep inside, but you’re too shallow to realize.
Hypocritical, judgmental, are the names you’re being called,
And you admit to yourself they are well deserved.
So you remove your face, as you pick out one you’ve always wanted.
People start to believe, you’re enchanted.

It has begun. I couldn’t have stopped it.
Patiently I wait for your return
I know you’re not gone yet, but the hope is getting dimmer.
I tightly hold on to the girl I used to know,
But you’re slipping, almost out of my reach.
So this is who you chose to be.

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