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Empty Shell

July 14, 2011
By balseirocharmed SILVER, Davenport, Florida
balseirocharmed SILVER, Davenport, Florida
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I don’t need this,
This extra pain,
I think I have had had enough of this pain.

My soul was already cracking,
But you came,
And finished the job,
My soul has now crumbled in a million pieces.

You see a smile,
But inside I am frowning,
Tears fall down.

I was already broken,
That didn’t matter,
You broke me more anyway.

Colors fade,
A colorless world,
My world is upside down.

I had been miserable already,
But now,
I am just hopeless.

I am dead inside,
That light that kept me going,
Has burned out,
I am an empty shell

The author's comments:
Being bullied inspired this piece

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