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My Hometown

July 13, 2011
By LeeAlbom SILVER, Ontario, New York
LeeAlbom SILVER, Ontario, New York
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My hometown
A place I’ll always love
Forever and forever
Never becoming lost

Walking down Main Street
Gives me a sense of pride and warmth
Seeing people I know every single day
A shouted hello reminds me I’m at home

The smell of fresh baked bread
Clogs my nostrils with its sweetness
The sound of talking and laughter
Tells me I don’t live in a ghost town

While I’m happy here
There are places not as nice
Go to the southern part of town
And you’ll see everything

Rainbows of spray paint cover brick buildings
As windows lay shattered with a lone rock
People lay passed out on the streets from drinking too much
While dead bodies fill the alleys

Everything has a positive and a negative
A cause and an effect
Good people and bad people
Lovers and haters

But I always have to remember
No matter what, this will always be my hometown

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