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And I came back

July 9, 2011
By Sweatheart SILVER, BPT, Connecticut
Sweatheart SILVER, BPT, Connecticut
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I can do anything

You said you loved me unconditionally and that you would go until the end of the world for me
You called me your love, your only, your soul mate with those sweet tender eyes that seduced me
You hugged me amorously and that made my heart pump with elation
You kissed me passionately and that made me know you were the one
But what happened that night when you lost control of your anger
Everything reversed and I was confused
You said you hated me and that I wasn’t worth nothing
You called me ugly, revolting, and a pig with those bloodcurdling eyes that frightened me
You slapped me across the face and that made my heart weaken
You smashed my head against the wall and that made me doubt your love for me
But even though you ripped my heart in two and made me feel as if I was the most valueless person on earth
I came back not caring that you will hurt me again

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on Dec. 15 2014 at 10:18 am
QureyannaWrites BRONZE, South Bend, Indiana
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if this was my forever I would not want to spend it.
-Sarah Dessen

Im in love with this poem. so deep! keep up the good work darling.